How to earn money from YouTube in 2023

Youtube has become the most polpular social media platform for video sharing and video content. Large variety of content in different categories is available on youtube. Interesting thing is that we cxan earn money uploading videos on yputube. Many people choose youtube as their full time carrier. You will wonder how this works? The basic thing is that your videos on youtube can be monetisedand advertisements will run on them. Some part of revenue generated by ads is given to the content creator i.e you.

We can easily create youtube channel within few minutes and post videos in any category and start earning money.

Following are some ways with which we can earn money on youtube:

1. Monetisation

We can link our youtube channel to adsense account and ads will run on our videos and youtube will give 55% of total ad revenue.

2. Sponsorships

Big brands will give money to advertise or promote their service or their product on our channel. Niche content and enough audience is required for such sponsorships. Brands will automatically find you based on your audience directly or through agencies.

3. Affiliate Marketing

We can provide links of products or service in the video description and we will get commision if anyone bought the product using that link.

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